NTS Documents


NTS Methods & Practices Guidelines (PDF)

Everything you need to know about NTS and formatting & sending formal message traffic.

From the document: “The primary objective of the methods and practices guidance is to facilitate transmission of a properly formatted written formal message from point A to point B such that it arrives exactly as written on the original copy, group for group, character for character, space for space.”

N.B. this document is updated from time to time and you may find the link to be broken if the PDF document is reposted with a new date tag. Please let us know if the link needs updating.

Here is an alternate link to the document in chapter blocks on the ARRL website.


ARRL Radiogram Form (PDF)
Single blank radiogram form

FSD-3 ARRL Numbered Radiograms (PDF)
Includes both relief emergency and routine message radiograms (canned messages for radiograms), in addition to the precedences to use in emergency, priority, welfare and routine situations.

Alternate PDF

FSD-218 Amateur Message Form (PDF)
How to originate and handle formal radiograms, including precdences, handling instructions, QN signals, Q signals, abbreviations, prosigns and prowords.