Upcoming Special Events & Annual Events

(For weekly/monthly events, see RECURRING EVENTS)

Rotary Auction – Saturday – CANCELLED (was July 11, 2020)

The Bainbridge Island Rotary Club conducts what is possibly the largest single-seller garage sale in the world, raising over $500,000 in 2016. You have to see it to believe it. For more information, visit the Rotary site. But for a really great map, you have to come to us.

We are always interested in help from visiting hams. We have duties that involve a lot of walking with HTs, but we also have roles that don’t demand any walking. It’s typically hot, and dehydration is a concern to hams and the entire crowd. If you’re interested, contact us. Volunteers (including the hams) get fed, which is a plus.

Field Day – last weekend in June

What happens when amateur radio operators all over the country step away from the power grid, maybe go camping, and string enough wire between tree-tops to make a safety net for falling giants? Field Day! Field Day is a contest in which the goal is to contact as many stations in as many places over as many frequencies as possible, all without using utility-supplied power. It’s great fun, of course, and also helps us prepare to serve in emergencies when the power is knocked out.

The Rotary Auction often conflicts with field day, so please check with us to confirm that the club is participating.

 Simulated Emergency Tests

From time to time we have run Simulated Emergency Tests (SETs) on the island, and we participate in county- and state-wide SETs as well. The software we have used for home-grown SETs is available free.

Amateur Radio Tech License Class – Dates TBA

Join your friends, neighbors, and islanders in obtaining a Technician Amateur Radio License. This two-session intensive class will enable you to pass your FCC Technician License Exam offered at the conclusion of the second session. About two weeks after the exam you will receive your own call sign from the FCC and be able to operate on the amateur radio bands.

If you would like to be notified when we schedule our next class, please fill out the form on this page: Technician Class Interest List

Upgrade to your General Class License – Dates TBA

Have you been thinking about upgrading from Technician to General? We will offer a class for this once a year. If you would like to be notified when we schedule our General Upgrade class, please fill out the form on this page: General Class Upgrade Interest List

Chilly Hilly – February, 2021

In February of each year, we provide communication and logistical aid to the Chilly Hilly bicycle rally, which is conducted by the Cascade Bicycle Club. This event draws 4000 riders or more for a circuit of the island.

We are interested in help from visiting hams on this one, too. This is a highly mobile event, and hams typically need a vehicle and a mobile radio. An HT is probably not sufficient due to the island’s hilly layout.