BEARS Quarterly Emergency Practice Net

BEARS (Bainbridge Island Emergency Auxiliary Radio Service) conducts island-wide emergency practice nets four times a year at 1830 hrs (6:30 pm) on the first Monday of February, May, August, and November.

These are a check-in nets. Once you have confirmed that net control has your correct call sign, your work is done. We are trying to contact as many people as possible on air, so we would very much appreciate it if you could make time to check in. These nets are an opportunity for us all to make sure our equipment works and we can hear each other.

This net meets on the BARC 70 cm repeater: 444.475 MHz, Offset: +5  MHz (so you transmit on 449.475 MHz), Tone: 103.5 Hz. This is channel 30 if your radio is programmed with the Bainbridge Common Radio Program.

PLEASE BE PREPARED TO GIVE YOUR CALL SIGN PHONETICALLY. For example, if your call sign is K7BIX, you would say, “Kilo Seven Bravo India X-Ray.” Here is a link to the ITU phonetical alphabet: Phonetic Alphabet

Please join this net if possible. It is one of the quickest and best simulations of how we would communicate in an emergency. To add this net to your calendar, click on this link