Bainbridge Common Radio Program (BCRP)

Bainbridge Common Radio Program

As a club, we have a common program for our radio channels called the Bainbridge Common Radio Program (BCRP). You can view the BCRP in this document. If you’d like help programming your radio, reach out by filling out the contact form on our Contact Page. Programming files are at the bottom of this page if you want to do it yourself.

The current version is #080322. If you do not have this version on your radio, please use the tools below to update your programming or reach out to us and we will get your radio updated. The version number is simply the date of the release, written as a six-digit number.

Why program your radio with the Bainbridge Common Radio Program?

First, if your radio is programmed, you can go to channel 30 and get on the air. If it isn’t programmed on your radio, then you have to set the frequency, offset and tone before you can start working the repeater. In an emergency, the former is much faster than the latter.

Second, when you get your license or move to Bainbridge, you don’t need to discover all of the repeaters and simplex frequencies on your own. You can start with a list of frequencies pre-programmed into your radio and discover the fun things happening on those channels by scanning around.

The following images of the BCRP are available: