Thursday Night Simplex Net

This Simplex Net meets every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm on 147.600 MHz, conducted in different parts of the island on different weeks. Locations of future simplex nets are posted on the club calendar.

You do not need to be in the stated region or even on Bainbridge Island to participate. Everyone is invited to check in, and all are welcome!

The purposes of this net are:

ONE – to encourage simplex operation so that we are not dependent on repeaters for communication
TWO – to get to know our “radio neighbors”, who are the hams we can reach without relying on infrastructure
THREE – to see where each of us can reach from different parts of the island, given the hills, trees, and various weather conditions.

This is a check-in net. Each station will be asked to exchange a signal report with Net Control, say your approximate location, what type of antenna you are using, the altitude of your antenna, and how many watts of power you’re using.

See the map in this link for proposed simplex zones.

If you have any interest in occasionally being Net Control for a net in your area, please let us know and we will make that happen!