2021 Year in Review

2021 was a busy year!

Thanks to the support, participation, and energy of our members, we:

    • Maintained our 70 cm repeater (444.475 MHz) and performed work on our 6 meter (53.43 MHz) repeater.
    • Held weekly nets and office hours, which you can find on our calendar.
    • Met monthly to stay connected, share ideas, and keep the club active in all that we do.
    • Held licensing classes in April and October to help a total of18 Bainbridge Islanders get their amateur radio license. If you’re one of the new hams, Welcome to amateur radio! We’re happy to have you here.
    • Provided support for Cascade Bicycle Club’s “Chilly Hilly – Special Summer Edition” in August. Keep an eye out for forthcoming email regarding volunteer opportunities for Chilly Hilly 2022. Chilly Hilly 2022 will be Sunday, February 27th.
    • Activated a club station for ARRL Field Day in June at the Battle Point Astronomical Association observatory in Battle Point Park.
    • Helped BEARS, BI Flotilla, and BIPD conduct an exercise in October, where flotilla vessels were used to ferry volunteers from Suquamish and Brownsville to Bainbridge Island, simulating emergency transportation without the use of the Agate Pass bridge or the Seattle ferry.

We’re looking forward to another great year with you. Plans for 2022 include helping set up a community HF station at the Battle Point Astronomical Association observatory, teaching a General licensing class in the spring, and assisting with Cascadia Rising in June.

Thank you, all of our club members, for making this a memorable year, and thank you for your generosity with your time and your resources. We appreciate all that you do. If you are reading this and are not already a club member, please consider becoming a club member! We’d love to have you aboard.